Sum, Sum, Summertime

   One of our favorite things to do as a little family unit is to drive up to Lucky Peak. It seems like it took forever for summer to arrive, so one of the first things we did is take Ella swimming. She always has so much fun! The exercise is good for Piper even though she LOATHES the water. Here are a few pictures of our most recent trip up there. Don’t judge the fact that it was a month ago… I am well aware that I am behind.





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You know what they say…

The worst day fishing is better than your best day at work :0) This last fishing trip solidified this statement. With the main part of our season finished, and finals at BSU done, we all needed a little break. We went to CJ Strike Reservoir to try our hand at catching some bass and catfish. Being relatively new to the catfish and bass fishing world, I didn’t know what to expect. The little cove we ended up at was quite pretty, and holy smokes there were some very large fish in it. They were jumping all over the place!! It was quite the sight, though admittedly near the end of our time there it had gotten quite annoying, almost as if they were mocking our lack of success. I tried to get the jumpers on film but I never was able to.

We arrived early afternoon and quite literally fished until 11 the next morning. We took a break when it started raining hard around dinner, then another break for some dessert. Rick and I fished the latest, until after 2am in a slow drizzling rain, before heading to our cars for a few hours of sleep. I got up at 6 and enjoyed the sunrise from our dock, and everyone was back at it by 7.

We weren’t successful at all. I caught a pan size trout, Matt hooked a baby bass by its eyeball, and Jerrad got a panfish, but that was it. You know what though? It was a blast. I got to spend 24 hours with my 3 best friends (and Ella) doing one of our favorite things to do together. We went to a place new to us, and enjoyed a slow drive home picking up a few geocaches in a little corner of Idaho we hadn’t explored yet with a gorgeous storm making its way through the Owyhee Mountains as our back drop. It will absolutely go down as one of my very favorite fishing trips.

100_2695 100_2686

IMG_7843IMG_7860IMG_7852 IMG_7853 IMG_7854 IMG_7855

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I blinked…


And it was June!!!

I’m still not quite sure where May disappeared too. Okay, that is a lie, most of it was spent at work. We had a month long chunk of shows and show related work that provided Matt with no time off whatsoever. I think I had 3 days off. Lots of little one off shows mixed in with a Broadway (Beauty and the Beast) and a Boise Music Week production (South Pacific). We are wildly proud of South Pacific this year, so that will get a post of its own.

We also went on an overnight trip to CJ Strike reservoir (will probably get its own post later) and fished for basically 18 hours in the rain, went to a Lumineers concert, swan with the dogs at Lucky Peak, and did LOTS of yard work. I’m still tired!!

At any rate, we are indeed still alive even though we blinked.

*ten points to the first person to get “Don’t Blink.”

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Throwback Thursday.

Throwback Thursday is a thing I guess, where you post a picture or a story from the past. Similar to Memorable Monday I guess, but who is really keeping track of which one is the real thing, right? Doesn’t matter, here is my Throwback Thursday post.


This is my 3rd great grandfather, George Albert Mangum. First of all, I love that my family has kept so many old pictures, and that I am able to look back several generations and see where certain features come from. I really like this picture for many reasons, but look at his dog! It’s a coonhound pretty similar to our own. Must be in the blood :0)

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Music Week ’13

This year we are building South Pacific as part of Boise Music Week. It’s been an adventure! Here are a few pictures documenting our few weeks building. We have a week and a half left, and I’m getting anxious to see it all put together. One thing is for sure, the follies backdrop looks awesome!
We built a working shower, which is what those garden hoses are for. That my friends is a shower monster :0) hey, we gotta do something to make us laugh!



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Love for Boston

Boston has been on my mind this week. These tragedies are weighing on my heart. What did make me cry happy tears though, was watching the city of Boston celebrate together in the streets after the 2nd bomber was caught. Every bit of praise those cops got was well deserved.

This is a link to a great video taken of the celebrating that included singing the national anthem.

This is a link to some incredible photos from this crazy sad week. Makes me proud to be an American.

I think Patton Oswalt perfectly summed up the way so many of us feel right now. In this current state of the world, it is unknown what will happen from day to day. I take comfort in the fact that the good will continue to fight in the war over evil.


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Springtime in Boise

I think springtime weather is finally here to stay. *knock on wood* Temps are pretty mild, but if we could get rid of the crazy wind storms, it would be perfect. Grass is green, bulbs are blooming and trees everywhere are flowering. That’s one of my most favorite few weeks in Boise. (Even if it does make my allergies all crazy.) There are flowering trees everywhere! Our apple trees are in full bloom.



Rick, Jerrad and I took advantage of a few hours off yesterday morning and headed up to the Lucky Peak area to fish. We didn’t catch a single fish, but that didn’t ruin the trip at all. It was a beautiful morning in a beautiful place with no cell service. You know what the say, the worst day fishing is better than your best day at work :0) I didn’t get it on camera, but the last 15 minutes was spent watching a Bald Eagle sweep the river for his lunch. He didn’t have any more luck than we did, but it was awesome!





Springtime also means playing with the dogs outside. Piper isn’t much for playing, but its good for Ella. She has put on a few pounds during the winter, like she usually does, so getting her out and running around the yard is good for her. She absolutely loves the grass, and thankfully, most of it is nice thick healthy grass. Hopefully we can keep it that way! Ella usually saves her beaver tendencies for our camping trips, but she found some fallen limbs after one of our crazy wind storms and has been obsessed with them for a few days.




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