Winter Adventures


Can you find Piper??

Thank goodness we bought snow shoes. Winter has not been very much fun around here lately. It was so mild until Christmas, then we got snow and 3 weeks of temps in the teens, which wouldn’t have been a problem had we not gotten a disgusting inversion on top of it all. One of the worst inversions we have had in several years actually. Our first trip up to Idaho City to snow shoe we absolutely planned on it being colder 3000 feet above Boise. Silly us!! It was absolutely gorgeous!! We actually drove through, then above the gross inversion to sunshine and 10-15 degrees warmer than in the Valley. It was a beautiful, soul recharging experience. Ella had a blast, so we went again the next week with Piper in tow and brought Lindsy with us. She loved it so we made plans to go 3 days later with a party of 9, and 2 dogs. Piper and I stayed home that trip with a nasty migraine. (stupid inversion… I HATE them)


There are some great trails just on the other side of Mores Creek Summit, about 18 miles north of Idaho City. The park and Ski areas require a permit, but it really is a small price to pay for a large parking area, bathrooms, and really well marked and maintained trails. And, it is gorgeous. The trails we have been on are exclusively snow shoeing trails, so no snowmobile traffic, which is really nice.



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