Presidents Day


This happened to be Matt’s only day off in about 3 weeks so we slept in a bit then went snow shoeing with my good friend Lissa, and our two pups. Ella has a ton of fun when we go, Piper doesn’t love it, but it’s good for her. We headed up a trail we thought was relatively easy, then ended up climbing 1400 feet in just over a mile. It was quite a work out but some of the views we took in made it all worth it.



At the trailhead there was no sign indicating the expert level. Then at the top we found this sign. It made me feel a bit better for having my butt kicked by this trail.


On the way down we ran into this TV… obviously it was brought up to shoot at, but what jerk just leaves it in the mountains? Add this to the list of random things we have found in the middle of nowhere. It’s more extensive than you think.


And lastly, just a picture of my pretty puppy :0)


I’ve come to love, appreciate, an enjoy being out in the mountains while covered in snow. It’s a whole different kind of beautiful than it is in the summer. We have decided to try and walk this trail once a season to to comparison photos. I think it will be pretty cool!!

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