Orange Chicken with Couscous- Fried Rice Style


I was home alone all day, while the hubby worked all day and into the night. I don’t do well being bored, so what did I do? Made a GIANT mess in the kitchen. Matt and I often tag team cook which makes life so much easier, but it is good for me to cook more complex things by myself…. I can’t be loosing my skills! So anyway, back to the point of this post.

I was perusing Pinterest looking for new ideas and came across this recipe from Cooking Classy. I can’t say that I followed the marinade to the T, but it was pretty close. I didn’t have enough dried ginger so I used some fresh ginger zest. I only had one orange so I used the juice, a ton of orange zest (okay, maybe 2-3 tbsp), and a little bit of real orange extract. I used a bit more than a tsp of Sriracha, but the heat cooked out so next time I will use more.

Then I made couscous, fried rice style. I really, really suck at making rice that isn’t Minute Rice. Rice is Matts game. Not mine. We had a bunch of couscous, so I cooked it up as per instructions. I used the Roasted Pine Nut kind, so it had a flavor packet with it. While that cooked I heated up some olive oil, a few splashes of stir fry and soy sauce. I grilled tome peas, corn and broccoli in it (because that’s what I had) for about 5 minutes until the broccoli was cooked through, then I added the couscous and mixed it together really well. Then I scrambled 2 eggs and threw that in there too. Taste, then add extra sauce or spice as necessary and you’re done!!!


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