Springtime in Boise

I think springtime weather is finally here to stay. *knock on wood* Temps are pretty mild, but if we could get rid of the crazy wind storms, it would be perfect. Grass is green, bulbs are blooming and trees everywhere are flowering. That’s one of my most favorite few weeks in Boise. (Even if it does make my allergies all crazy.) There are flowering trees everywhere! Our apple trees are in full bloom.



Rick, Jerrad and I took advantage of a few hours off yesterday morning and headed up to the Lucky Peak area to fish. We didn’t catch a single fish, but that didn’t ruin the trip at all. It was a beautiful morning in a beautiful place with no cell service. You know what the say, the worst day fishing is better than your best day at work :0) I didn’t get it on camera, but the last 15 minutes was spent watching a Bald Eagle sweep the river for his lunch. He didn’t have any more luck than we did, but it was awesome!





Springtime also means playing with the dogs outside. Piper isn’t much for playing, but its good for Ella. She has put on a few pounds during the winter, like she usually does, so getting her out and running around the yard is good for her. She absolutely loves the grass, and thankfully, most of it is nice thick healthy grass. Hopefully we can keep it that way! Ella usually saves her beaver tendencies for our camping trips, but she found some fallen limbs after one of our crazy wind storms and has been obsessed with them for a few days.




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