I blinked…


And it was June!!!

I’m still not quite sure where May disappeared too. Okay, that is a lie, most of it was spent at work. We had a month long chunk of shows and show related work that provided Matt with no time off whatsoever. I think I had 3 days off. Lots of little one off shows mixed in with a Broadway (Beauty and the Beast) and a Boise Music Week production (South Pacific). We are wildly proud of South Pacific this year, so that will get a post of its own.

We also went on an overnight trip to CJ Strike reservoir (will probably get its own post later) and fished for basically 18 hours in the rain, went to a Lumineers concert, swan with the dogs at Lucky Peak, and did LOTS of yard work. I’m still tired!!

At any rate, we are indeed still alive even though we blinked.

*ten points to the first person to get “Don’t Blink.”

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3 Responses to I blinked…

  1. GlowBug says:

    ok, so you’re still alive even though you blinked….but how old are you? the angels only send you back in time to live. did you see the phone box? 😉

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