You know what they say…

The worst day fishing is better than your best day at work :0) This last fishing trip solidified this statement. With the main part of our season finished, and finals at BSU done, we all needed a little break. We went to CJ Strike Reservoir to try our hand at catching some bass and catfish. Being relatively new to the catfish and bass fishing world, I didn’t know what to expect. The little cove we ended up at was quite pretty, and holy smokes there were some very large fish in it. They were jumping all over the place!! It was quite the sight, though admittedly near the end of our time there it had gotten quite annoying, almost as if they were mocking our lack of success. I tried to get the jumpers on film but I never was able to.

We arrived early afternoon and quite literally fished until 11 the next morning. We took a break when it started raining hard around dinner, then another break for some dessert. Rick and I fished the latest, until after 2am in a slow drizzling rain, before heading to our cars for a few hours of sleep. I got up at 6 and enjoyed the sunrise from our dock, and everyone was back at it by 7.

We weren’t successful at all. I caught a pan size trout, Matt hooked a baby bass by its eyeball, and Jerrad got a panfish, but that was it. You know what though? It was a blast. I got to spend 24 hours with my 3 best friends (and Ella) doing one of our favorite things to do together. We went to a place new to us, and enjoyed a slow drive home picking up a few geocaches in a little corner of Idaho we hadn’t explored yet with a gorgeous storm making its way through the Owyhee Mountains as our back drop. It will absolutely go down as one of my very favorite fishing trips.

100_2695 100_2686

IMG_7843IMG_7860IMG_7852 IMG_7853 IMG_7854 IMG_7855

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