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Sum, Sum, Summertime

   One of our favorite things to do as a little family unit is to drive up to Lucky Peak. It seems like it took forever for summer to arrive, so one of the first things we did is take … Continue reading

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You know what they say…

The worst day fishing is better than your best day at work :0) This last fishing trip solidified this statement. With the main part of our season finished, and finals at BSU done, we all needed a little break. We … Continue reading

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I blinked…

And it was June!!! I’m still not quite sure where May disappeared too. Okay, that is a lie, most of it was spent at work. We had a month long chunk of shows and show related work that provided Matt … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday.

Throwback Thursday is a thing I guess, where you post a picture or a story from the past. Similar to Memorable Monday I guess, but who is really keeping track of which one is the real thing, right? Doesn’t matter, … Continue reading

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Music Week ’13

This year we are building South Pacific as part of Boise Music Week. It’s been an adventure! Here are a few pictures documenting our few weeks building. We have a week and a half left, and I’m getting anxious to … Continue reading

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Love for Boston

Boston has been on my mind this week. These tragedies are weighing on my heart. What did make me cry happy tears though, was watching the city of Boston celebrate together in the streets after the 2nd bomber was caught. … Continue reading

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Springtime in Boise

I think springtime weather is finally here to stay. *knock on wood* Temps are pretty mild, but if we could get rid of the crazy wind storms, it would be perfect. Grass is green, bulbs are blooming and trees everywhere … Continue reading

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